NaNoWriMo Chronicles: Week Four (Part One)

So we’ve reached Week Four:  the home stretch.  For those of us who made it this far, there’s a manic energy that takes over as we make that final push towards 50,000.  So close yet so far.  Those words sum up the entire feeling of these final few days, and to fuel the end of the journey we’re living on junk food, coffee, and for thus of us whole indulge, booze and cigarettes.  We’re all a little crazier now, even more insane than when we first decided to attempt NaNoWriMo in the first place, and we’re so fucking close.

Note:  I’ve split this entry in two, as it’s a long one.


Goals and editing notes, because my God the process of sorting out my massive screw up is still trying to kill me.


My main character being snarky in edits, as if he’d ever actually listen to authority.


Another day of facepalming and editing.


My boy does indeed excel at holding a grudge.


Dear Self: I’m gonna need you to stop sucking.


Rejoice! The end of editing (at least this minor, minor pass) has come!


Shut. The Hell. Up.


Moving on…moving on…


A bittersweet moment: the last write-in of the year. As one of the best parts of NaNoWriMo, I miss them when they’re gone.


To the write-in regulars: keep writing. Always keep writing.

Stay tuned for Part Two…


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