The Day of the Doctor

Doctor Who.  50th Anniversary.

I’ll wait until the fanboy/fangirl flailing ends.  (I’m aware that will likely take quite a while.)  I know you can’t help it:  the squealing and flapping about aren’t a choice when it comes to the Doctor—they’re an involuntary response showing extreme joy emanating from every cell of your body.  Do not be ashamed.

            *cue the writer’s own fangirl flailing of epic proportions*

Matt Smith.  David Tennant.  John Hurt.  Billie Piper.  Tom Baker.

Let me repeat that last bit:  Tom Mother Fuckin’ Baker.

More metareferences than the normal geek brain can handle.

Yes, friends, it’s The Day of the Doctor.

The highly anticipated special episode was so highly-anticipated that even I, notorious for having to catch on the fiftieth repeat even things I really want to see, set the DVR to record the premiere and then watched it the same day.  So highly anticipated that I spent days wandering around my apartment (or in my car or in the store or during my trip to the office to pick up work mail) singing “Because we want to!  Because we want to!”  An I sang it with gusto, too, like this is still the ‘90s and Billie Piper still acknowledges her career in pop music.

Yep, that highly anticipated.  The only way I could’ve been more excited for this was if they’d managed to pull Christopher Eccleston back to reprise his role as Nine.

Was my excitement out of proportion?  Only those who don’t understand Doctor Who will think so.  I own a dress designed on the TARDIS, a pair of TARDIS earrings, and a sonic screwdriver.  My excitement was perfectly on level for the occasion, I’m certain.

I don’t actually have any sort of coherent review to give here, I simply feel compelled to mark the 50th Anniversary of the culture phenomenon that is Doctor Who.  Watching Matt Smith (Eleven) and David Tennant (Ten) interact for two hours was epic, the kick to the gut that was John Hurt’s performance and the story around it caused me to sniffle and clutch the Kleenex box, and yeah, my girl crush on Billie Piper is still going strong even though she departed the show years ago.  Happy sighs all over the place, people.

Happy.  Sighs.

“Anything could happen!  For instance…a fez.”

During one commercial break there was a ‘behind the scenes’ clip with Matt Smith and David Tennant where Tennant mentions that, while Matt Smith could’ve been quite threatened by having his predecessor return to the set, he handled the multiple stars well and didn’t react that way.  Smith said something about the special being about the show, not about him, blah blah blah I wasn’t listening because I was too busy reflecting on how Tennant easily stole it all during The Day of the Doctor.  Because Tennant really did stand out, and I’m not saying this as an insult or sneer:  he did an amazing job, a great nod to the fans who still miss him even as they enjoy Matt Smith’s run, and my God, the man just shines on screen when he’s having fun, doesn’t he?  (And yeah, he knows he’s playing up to all the hardcore fans who are vehement about Ten being their Doctor.)

At the end I cried (of course…every ‘end’ in Doctor Who makes me and my grandma weep like babies), due almost entirely to Tennant’s final sentence that echoes his regeneration scene.  Tears.  There were many tears.

And then!  TOM BAKER.  I was still sniffling even as I was flailing.  It wasn’t like I was surprised:  I already knew the fourth Doctor was going to make an appearance.  Yet while watching the first 1 hour and 45 minutes of the episode I somehow managed to forget, and when his voice came from off camera, I lost my shit with the shout of joy and the flapping of hands.  Fairly sure the neighbors could hear me.


Like I said:  no coherent review here, just fangirl flailing.  So I’ll leave you all now, perhaps I’ll go re-watch the show, and as I sign off I’ll say only this:

“I don’t want to go.”


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