Playlist: The O’Shaughnessy Reputation

In preparation for NaNoWriMo, I’ve put together my official playlist for the novel I’ll be writing:  The O’Shaughnessy Reputation (Put On Your War Paint).  And here I am, sharing it with you for no particular reason.

The O’Shaughnessy Rep (Put on Your War Paint) Playlist

            You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid—The Offspring
                        “Now dance, fucker, dance.”

            The Phoenix—Fall Out Boy
                        “Put on your war paint.”

            Bad Moon RisingCreedence Clearwater Revival

            Boy Division—My Chemical Romance
                        “I’m not asking, you’re not telling.  He’s not dead, he only looks that way.”

            Burn It to the Ground—Nickelback
                        “No class, no taste, no shirt, and shit-faced.”

            Everybody Loves Me—OneRepublic
                        “Don’t need my health, got my name and got wealth.”

            Foggy Dew—Young Dubliners

            For Boston—Dropkick Murphys

            Get in Line—Simon Curtis
                        “Come on, tear some shit up with me.”

            Give ‘Em Hell, Kid—My Chemical Romance

            I Can’t Decide—Scissor Sisters
                        “I can’t decide whether you should live or die.”

            I Want It All/We Will Rock You Mash-Up—Sucker Punch ST
                        “He couldn’t care less, he’s fearless, he’ll give the reaper hugs.”

            Let’s Hear It for Rock Bottom—The Offspring
                        “Going down in flames, well it’s not that bad.”

            Let’s Kill Tonight—Panic! At the Disco

            Peacemaker—Green Day
                        “You thought I was a write-off, you better think again.”

            Slim Pickens Does the Right Thing—The Offspring
                        “If you’re gonna go to hell, drink it up, you might as well.”

            Take It Easy—Eagles
                        “We may lose and we may win, but we will never be here again.”

            Thank You for the Venom—My Chemical Romance

            O Death—Jen Titus (Supernatural version)
                        “When God is gone and the Devil takes hold, who’ll have mercy on your soul?”

            The Wrong Company—Flogging Molly
                        “Unfortunately, I’m in the wrong prison cell and the wrong company.”

            Road to Ruin—Great Big Sea
                        “We’re on the road to ruin, it’s the only way to go.”

            Remember the Name—Fort Minor
                        “A hundred percent reason to remember the name.”


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